Portfolio Building

INCUBE International Design Portfolio Coaching

What is a design portfolio? Why is it required for admission?

A design portfolio is generally a combination of Observational Art, Personal Art and Specific Requirements of the School. It is required so international design schools can assess a student’s drawing and design skills, observation, aesthetic sense, creativity and perception before admitting them into one of their art or design programs at graduate or post-graduate level.

International Design Portfolio Coaching:

Several Design Schools in USA, UK, France, Italy, Canada etc. require a Design Portfolio submission alongwith other requisites for entry to their graduate and post graduate program in Art or Design. INCUBE Design Portfolio coaching helps aspirants in this journey through the 2 courses below:

*New batch starts every month
*Classes are conducted on weekends or weekdays at convenient times

Course Content

Incube provides comprehensive coaching considering each student’s aptitude and skill level. It helps develop a portfolio which will suit the requirements of a whole range of art and design schools abroad.